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A Whimsical Hurricane Guide
And a Victorian Romance Novel retold

Recent Publications

Pass Christian Books by Dan Ellis
Pass Christian, Pass Christian Historic District, Hurricane Camille, Hurricane Katrina, Trinity & Live Oak, St. Paul, Jazz in the Pass, Lighthouses & Islands, Sails-Trails-Rails, and much more.
Gulf Coast Books by Dan Ellis
Bay St Louis, Gulfport, Kiln, Slidell, Diamondhead, Watering Places
Eureka Springs, Ark -- various

Dan Ellis has written numerous articles which have been printed in local books such as the DMR Series, newspapers, newsletters, magazines, and booklets.  He has been a contributing author to many weekly and monthly magazines on the Gulf Coast and in New Orleans.  He is former Editor for the Mississippi AARP Newsletter as well as other local community newsletters.

Dan Ellis Books are Available at Parker's Gifts -- Davis Ave.
Katrina -- Survival and Revival


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