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Dan Ellis --Recognitions
Historicizer and Scrutinier
Simply put, I am a History Writer with Accuracy

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2015  Pass Christian, MS

2007 Eureka Springs, AR

Again in 2010

2010 Nominated for the Henry Award by Arkansas State Tourism
THE OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD . . . presented annually to a community, individual, or organization that, through outstanding volunteer spirit, has made a substantial contribution to Arkansas's tourism industry.

Thank you so much for sending these CDs.  I must confess that I never knew what you were doing all those years.  I was writing the history of this school, and I didn't leave here for nearly eight years.  But what you did was magnificent.  The illustrations are stunning in many cases.  A great many of them I have never seen for example the Ford dealership in Biloxi that may be the first one in the state.  I wish now that I had been tuned in and involved somehow in what you were doing.  In any case your collection is now the Dan Ellis Collection in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Archives and it will carry your name from now on.  The photographs and other materials represents the finest collection of its kind relating to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in view of the destruction of the other historical repositories by Katrina.  I will as per your instructions get copies of these files to the other historical societies that you wish them given to.  Once again, thanks so much for all you did.

Charles L. Sullivan
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
Perkinston, MS 39573

Hi Dan,
I haven¹t written you since Katrina, I understand you suffered quite a loss in the storm. I am saddened to read that you have left the Gulf Coast.  I won¹t tell you anything you haven¹t heard many times, but you are the greatest researcher of Coast history that I¹ve ever known.  Others are not even close.  Even the academics who have written books on coast history never seem to get down to the real everyday info that you do.  And, the old photos are unbelievable!
Juan de Cuevas (author - writer)

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