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Dan Ellis' Other Works
Other Works of Writing by Dan Ellis

Local Legacies
Pass Christian, Mississippi

The Handy Man on Sax – 64 page pocket size
     John Handy, Jr. – A Jazz Legend of International fame and History of Jazz in the Pass.

Mother of Mercy Catholic Church– 15 pages
     A Negro church is the oldest Gulf Coast Catholic church which remains intact and basically unchanged since its original construction in 1911.

St. Paul Catholic Church – 28 pages
     The origins of St. Paul and St. Joseph/St. Paul – Church and School

Pass Christian Isles Golf Club – 30 pages
     A 50 year Anniversary History of the Club and other golfing activities through the years.

In-Yo-End-Oh’s – 15 pages
     Short stories of joyous and funny remarks or events in Pass Christian’s small community.

as Extrapolated from Life’s Experiences

Army Veteran – 33 pages
     From induction to discharge --- From Pvt E2 to Pvt E2

LiLi of the Lake – 95 pages
     A commemorative memorial to our mother with contributory writings by her sons and daughters and surviving sisters.  Includes a description of all family members including the Rodriguez family origin to New Orleans.

Steps Without A Tune - 51 pages
     The primary women in my life who contributed to who I am.

The Other Side - 37 pages
     A journey of two lovers in circumnavigating the Yucatan Peninsula by car along routes where their past lives were proclaimed to exist by a mystic prophet.  The travels are added to by the injections of spirit guides as they report their presence through the medium of Automatic Writing.

Revelations - 35 pages
     A HandBook for parents of children who are seriously mentally ill.  It is particularly oriented to the Care Giver of Schizophrenic children.

Male Sexual Puissance - 24 pages
     Self Empowerment for Better Sex – Finding and employing the right muscles
(Since men think they’re in full control, this is an excellent manual for women who want to teach their spouse to do it right)

Chara - 6 pages
     A man and woman who meet and tempt each other to fruition – just a bit more than a one night stand.
( It gets nice and spicey )

Intimate Journey for Senior Lovers - 72 pages
     A man and woman who meet on a cruise and continue communicating by mail and telephone as each becomes more enamored with the other and their passions become stimulated.
( For Seniors who don’t want to get it on by Internet or emailing)
( xxx not XXX )

Spawn of Ecstasy
Ongoing and unfulfilled chapters
     “Labyrinths of Lust A Connoisseur of Extraordinary Sex”
     From early on, I learned that my Flesh was Weak; and my Temptations, I did not Shun.  These are revelations from my Heart and Soul as dictated by fragile underpinnings displaying my Loves and a Lustful Life – with All the intimate details – nothing left out – but yet incomplete
(Wouldn’t you like to peak over my shoulders as I update my intimate memoirs on a regular basis)

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